Hi World! 🌍

I am Raffaelien, AKA Raffaele, composer, performer, stylist, painter, Youtuber,… Belgian. My astro sign: Pisces and 1m91 of charisma.

Welcome to my universe my Superstars!

Passionate about music and fashion from an early age, I quickly realized that I couldn't choose between the two. This is why I created my online platform to bring together my two passions: music and fashion: raffaelien.com

My two universes meeting to create a graphic, musical and FASHION explosion! A place where everyone can get together, all equal, to listen to my album and shop for clothes from my collections.

In 2019, after 4 years of studying fashion design/model making at Helmo Mode in Liège and internships within brands that touch me with their creativity and know-how: Filles à papa, located in my city, or even in the textile design workshop of Myriam Rouden in London, I decided to develop my own universe by creating the RAFFAELIEN universe.

First, I launched my musical career with the release of my first album Mirage, in September 2019 following the release of my first two singles: Monster Life & My Lover.

In 2020, my clothing brand Raffaelien studio was born with the desire to enhance my know-how, to offer unisex, eco-responsible clothing, transmitting my style and my ethical values, from design to sewing technique.

On this site, you can find my collections of luxury ready-to-wear, merchandising, pieces entirely made by me in my workshop in Belgium. Unique, genderless, extravagant, crazy pieces, with eclectic designs and twinkling stars, for my disco and drama queen side. A second range is also available on my site: a second-hand collection, with vintage pieces specially found for you in the most beautiful second-hand clothes in Belgium, and customized with love.

You will understand, in one visit to my site, you will be faced with a real musical and artistic experience!

Thanks for the support, I love you my SUPERSTARS!

Raffaelien đź‘˝